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7 Astonishing Facts About Egyptian Cobra

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The Egyptian cobra, also known as the “asp,” is a venomous snake found in various parts of Africa. This slithering creature has earned its notoriety for its striking beauty and deadly venom. In this article, we delve into 7 fascinating facts about the Egyptian cobra that will leave you awestruck!

Fact 1: The Egyptian Cobra’s Unique Hood
When threatened or feeling cornered, the Egyptian cobra can spread out its neck ribs to create a striking hood. This hood can expand up to three times its normal width, making it easier for the snake to scare off potential predators. Plus, the hood is usually black in color, which adds an eerie touch to its appearance.

Fact 2: They Can Raise Their Body Off The Ground
The Egyptian cobra possesses a unique skill called ‘body levitation.’ By using special muscles around their spine, they can lift themselves off the ground and hold objects such as twigs or leaves. This behavior not only helps them capture prey but also serves as a defense mechanism against predators.

Fact 3: A Precise Hunter
Unlike many other snakes, the Egyptian cobra prefers to catch its prey in an area where it knows there are no other snakes lurking around – namely, water. This makes sense since it limits competition and provides a better chance for this sly serpent to successfully snag its meal without being disturbed by other predators.

Fact 4: Venomous Bite And Slow Acting Poison
The Egyptian cobra’s venom consists of hemotoxins that work gradually, causing progressive tissue damage and necrosis. This means that even if you survive the initial bite, your body will continue to suffer from its effects for days, sometimes weeks after being bitten!

Fact 5: Not All Venom Is Equal
Despite popular belief, not all venom injected by Egyptian cobras is lethal. In fact, some bites might only leave victims with mild symptoms such as dizziness or temporary paralysis of limbs. However, this does not mean that you should underestimate their bite – it’s always better to stay far away from these snakes!

Fact 6: They Have A Complex Mating Ritual
The courtship rituals of Egyptian cobras involve a series of elaborate dances where males try to impress females by flattening out their hoods and swaying side-to-side. Once the female is ready, she lays her eggs in termite mounds, which provide warmth and humidity needed for proper incubation.

Fact 7: They Can Live Up To 20 Years
Egyptian cobras have a long lifespan compared to many other snake species. If they manage to avoid predators and live in suitable conditions, they can easily reach the age of 20 years or more. This is quite impressive considering their size and vulnerability when born.

In conclusion, the Egyptian cobra may be feared for its venomous bite, but it’s also fascinating to learn about the unique behaviors and adaptations that have helped it survive over thousands of years. So next time you encounter an image or video of this captivating creature, remember these seven astonishing facts!

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