Mudslides Cocktail

15 Extraordinary Facts About Mudslides Cocktail

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The mudslide cocktail is a sweet, creamy alcoholic drink that has been popular for decades. This decadent cocktail typically contains vodka or rum mixed with Irish cream, Kahlúa coffee liqueur, and ice cream or milk. The ingredients blend to create a smooth, chocolatey, and indulgent beverage.

While the mudslide may seem simple, it has an interesting backstory and some fascinating facts worth knowing. Here are 15 extraordinary things you may not have known about the mudslide cocktail:


The mudslide is the perfect cocktail when you want something sweet and comforting. It’s like an alcoholic milkshake full of chocolate and coffee flavors. This cold, creamy drink is smooth, rich, and goes down very easily – maybe too easily!

While often seen as a dessert cocktail, the mudslide has a more spirited history than its creamy reputation suggests. Read on to learn more about the origins, variations, and surprising facts behind one of the most delicious blended drink recipes around. By the end, you’ll be an expert on all things mudslides.

Mudslides Cocktail

1. Several bars claim to have invented the mudslide

There is no consensus about which bar first created the mudslide cocktail recipe. Multiple establishments claim they invented this boozy shake in the 1970s:

  • The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver says bartender David Wong came up with it there first.
  • Meanwhile, a bar called the Harbour Pub in Sausalito, California argues that their bartender developed it in 1975.
  • The Irish Pub in Santurce, Puerto Rico also claims their head bartender Dannhy Nelson invented it in the late 1970s.

So while we may never know who truly created the first mudslide, clearly many bartenders had the idea to blend booze and ice cream around the same time!

2. A famous musician helped popularize the mudslide

In the late 1970s, the rockband Fleetwood Mac frequented the Harbour Pub while recording music nearby. According to the bar, when guitarist Lindsey Buckingham ordered their new signature “Mudslide” cocktail made with Kahlúa and vodka, he loved it so much that word quickly spread.

Soon, the band told their friends about the drink and people would order “the Fleetwood Mac cocktail.” The mudslide’s popularity as a creamy, chocolatey cocktail began expanding beyond Sausalito.

3. The mudslide is very high in calories

A standard mudslide cocktail containing 1.5 oz vodka, 1 oz Irish cream like Baileys, 1 oz Kahlúa coffee liqueur, and 1-2 oz cream or ice cream tops 500 calories or more. That’s more than a McDonald’s cheeseburger!

Some recipes call for even more booze and rich ingredients like chocolate or caramel ice cream, driving the calorie count over 800. No wonder it tastes so decadent. Just one can satisfy your sweet tooth!

4. Espresso mudslides give you an extra caffeine boost

Looking for an indulgent pick-me-up? Try substituting the coffee liqueur in a mudslide with espresso or coffee vodka.

An espresso mudslide contains freshly pulled espresso shots, boosting the caffeine level. The cocktail will give you a rich dessert-like flavor with an extra jolt of energy.

Meanwhile, coffee-infused vodka provides a smoother, more subtle coffee taste. So whether you prefer a caffeine slap or a gentle lift, there’s a coffee mudslide for you.

5. Flavored liqueurs allow creative riffs

The basic mudslide recipe of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and vodka or rum opens itself up to all types of flavor variations by using flavored spirits:

  • Hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico
  • Butterscotch schnapps
  • Spiced rum instead of regular rum
  • Vanilla vodka for extra sweetness
  • Salted caramel whiskey

You can even make fruit mudslide variations with flavors like orange, raspberry, or mango rum. Feel free to get creative with your liqueur flavors!

6. The Dirty Mudslide adds a raunchy twist

If you love the taste of an Irish coffee with whiskey and coffee, try ordering a Dirty Mudslide next time. This adults-only riff adds Irish whiskey to the standard mudslide recipe.

The whiskey pairs deliciously with the Kahlúa coffee liqueur and Irish cream. It also gives the cocktail a “dirty” name and slightly edgier vibe. Naughty and nice all in one glass!

7. A mudslide makes a great boozy milkshake dessert

Few cocktails resemble a milkshake as closely as a mudslide. Blending ice cream and milk with chocolate and coffee liqueurs creates a perfect alcoholic dessert drink.

For the ultimate boozy shake, use chocolate ice cream in place of plain vanilla. Top with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, crushed cookies like Oreos or graham crackers, or other candy toppings.

You can also rim the glass with chocolate syrup or caramel sauce for extra decadence. Slurp up this cocktail through a colorful bendy straw if you dare!

8. Mudslides as shots can sneak up on you

While mudslides typically serve as chilled cocktail glasses, some recipes call for mixing the drink as a shot.

When you take a mudslide shot, be careful! The sweet chocolate-coffee flavors mean you can’t really taste the booze. It’s easy to throw back a few before you realize just how much alcohol you’ve consumed.

Pace yourself and drink some water between rounds to avoid getting hit hard later by all those creamy liqueurs and spirits. Don’t let the milkshake-like taste fool you that it’s a harmless drink!

9. A mudslide makes a great cocktail to share

All that ice cream and booze means a single mudslide contains a lot of alcohol and rich ingredients. Luckily, the recipe scales up easily for sharing cocktails.

Order one mudslide in a big glass or pitcher to pass around your table. Add extra straws and sip on this cocktail dessert together for a great group drinking experience.

These days, alcoholic milkshakes are all the rage and mudslides fit right into the trend. Boozy milkshake bars and restaurants serve up ice cream mudslide variations as a signature item along with other alcohol-spiked shakes.

While a standard mudslide already resembles a milkshake, these bars add extra toppings and custom flavors to make a real dessert cocktail. They might use salted caramel or cookies and cream ice cream, chocolate chunks, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherry on top!

11. The Iced Mudslide turns it into a frozen slushy

An Iced Mudslide offers a fun twist using frozen ingredients to make this drink a boozy slushy.

Simply blend the mudslide ingredients with a cup of ice instead of plain ice cream or milk. The ice chills and thickens the cocktail into a frozen blended beverage consistency.

Garnish the icy mudslide with chocolate shavings or mini chocolate chips floating on top like a decadent snowstorm!

12. Mudslides make great winter warm-up drinks

While mudslides seem suited for summer with their milkshake-like taste, they actually make for perfect cold weather cocktails too.

The combination of coffee liqueur and Irish cream brings warming flavors reminiscent of spiked coffee drinks. You can almost imagine yourself by the fireplace!

Enjoying this creamy cocktail will help warm your insides – along with the alcohol hitting your system, of course.

13. Kahlúa is the key mudslide ingredient

You simply can’t make an authentic mudslide cocktail without Kahlúa coffee liqueur. Its distinctive flavor combines Arabica coffee beans and rum to produce a sweet coffee taste.

The coffee liqueur is arguably the most important ingredient binding everything together. It balances against the dairy and spirit to create that quintessential mudslide flavor profile.

So don’t try substituting regular coffee or espresso if you want something resembling the real thing!

14. Mudslides make great gifts

A mudslide’s components of vodka, Irish cream, and Kahlúa mean you can create easy DIY cocktail gifts for friends and family!

Simply combine mini liquor bottles of each ingredient in a basket to gift. Add festive glasses, a cocktail shaker, straws, and garnishes to complete it.

Write up the mudslide recipe and instructions so the recipient can blend their own at home. It takes the guesswork out of making this tasty mixed drink.

15. The mudslide has a seriously boozy kick

With all that ice cream and milk, it’s easy to forget just how much alcohol actually goes into a mudslide cocktail.

Depending on the recipe, a single mudslide can contain anywhere from 2-4 shots worth of liquor when totaled up. That’s a lot of booze blended together into one dangerous drink!

No wonder it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling so quickly. Just don’t get brain freeze from slurping it down too fast!


The mudslide cocktail may seem simple, but as you can see, there’s more to its creamy deliciousness than meets the eye. This indulgent blended drink has a debatable history, some scandalous variations, and an ability to disguise its alcoholic strength.

With so many ways to customize, upgrade, and enjoy mudslides, you could try a different riff every night and still not exhaust all the possibilities.

So next time you crave a boozy, chocolatey milkshake of a cocktail, don’t overlook the mighty mudslide. Grab a spoon straw and embrace its full sweet and spirited splendor!

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