Facts About Black Licorice Delight

15 Extraordinary Facts About Black Licorice Delight

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The Black Licorice Delight Cocktail is a fun and unique drink that offers an adventurous twist on classic cocktails. Here are 15 fascinating facts about this sinister libation.

Black licorice has a bold, complex flavor that makes it a polarizing candy choice. Bring that same adventurous spirit into your cocktail glass with the Black Licorice Delight! This Halloween-appropriate concoction combines sweet liqueurs and syrups with the mysterious spice of black licorice candy melted directly into the drink.

The result is a cocktail that delights the senses with an array of flavors. It’s sweet yet herbaceous, warming yet chilling, smooth yet striking. Sip this drink on cold autumn nights, serve it at Halloween parties, or embrace your dark side year-round with this Gothic grandeur in a glass.

Black Licorice Delight

Facts About Black Licorice Delight

  1. The Black Licorice Delight Cocktail was created by lifestyle blogger Camille Styles in 2014. She devised it as a sinister Halloween libation, playing with black food coloring and licorice candy to create an inky black drink.
  2. The candy that gives the drink its black licorice flavor is actual black licorice twists. To make the cocktail, you melt licorice twists directly into the mixed drink to infuse it with rich, earthy licorice notes.
  3. In addition to black licorice candy, the cocktail contains Pernod liqueur and blackcurrant cordial. Pernod is an anise-flavored liqueur that boosts the licorice flavor. Blackcurrant cordial adds a touch of sweet, tart berry flavor.
  4. Traditional black licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which gives it a natural sweetness. The compound is extracted from licorice root. It’s also responsible for licorice’s signature aftertaste.
  5. The Black Licorice Delight Cocktail calls for black ice cubes. Water is dyed jet black with food coloring, then frozen into cubes that won’t dilute the inky black cocktail as they melt.
  6. The glass rim is coated in black sugar for a striking presentation and texture contrast. The sugar is also tinted black using food coloring.
  7. Licorice root has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians enjoyed licorice tea. Chinese traditional medicine uses licorice to support respiratory, gastrointestinal, and adrenal function.
  8. Black licorice contains antioxidants and has been studied for a variety of potential health benefits. These include antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and chemopreventive properties.
  9. The Black Licorice Delight makes a perfect Halloween or goth-themed cocktail. It’s dark and slightly sinister-looking. It also has an adventurous and mysterious flavor profile.
  10. A variation swaps blackberries for the blackcurrant cordial. Their sweet-tart flavor provides another fruit dimension while keeping the sinister color scheme.
  11. You can rim the glass with black lava salt instead of black sugar. The coarse crystals provide crunch and amplify the flavor.
  12. For added drama, dry ice can be added to the black ice cubes. The evaporating carbon dioxide billows ghostly smoke that cascades down the glass.
  13. Licorice liqueur provides another way to boost the black licorice flavor. It can replace the melted licorice candy in the recipe.
  14. A chocolate or caramel liqueur substitution creates a sweet dessert cocktail variation. It loses the licorice flavor but still keeps the dramatic black color.
  15. If you don’t like licorice, a blackberry bramble is another Halloween-worthy black cocktail. Muddle blackberries with simple syrup, blackberry liqueur, and lemon juice, then add gin.


With its witch’s brew color and enigmatic flavor, the Black Licorice Delight Cocktail is sure to be a conversation starter at any Halloween fĂȘte or gothic shindig. Will you succumb to its sinister charms? Gather your courage and take a walk on the dark side by sipping this otherworldly concoction. Just don’t get lost in the shadows!

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