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13 Mind Blowing Facts About Taipan

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The taipan is considered one of the world’s most venomous and dangerous snakes. Known for its incredibly toxic venom that can kill a human in as little as 30 to 45 minutes, the taipan deserves its fearsome reputation.

Here are 13 mind-blowing facts about this deadly serpent of Australia and Papua New Guinea:

Facts About Taipan

  1. The taipan’s venom is among the most toxic in the world. It contains toxins like taipoxin and proteases that disable the victim’s blood clotting ability and paralyzes muscles. This rapidly leads to uncontrollable bleeding and respiratory failure.
  2. Just a small amount of taipan venom can kill. An average of 120 mg of its venom is enough to kill a full-grown human. For comparison, it takes 3 to 5 times that amount of inland taipan venom to kill an adult human.
  3. The coastal taipan has the most toxic venom of any snake. Considered the world’s most venomous snake species, the coastal taipan’s venom has an LD50 rating of 0.044 mg/kg. This extremely toxic venom makes it capable of killing an adult human with just a single bite.
  4. Taipans can deliver a large quantity of venom in one bite. Not only is their venom incredibly toxic, but taipans can inject as much as 420 mg in a single quick strike – over 7 times the lethal dosage for humans. This makes their bites even more dangerous.
  5. Taipans have the longest fangs of Australia’s venomous snakes. Their fangs measure up to 1.6 inches long, allowing them to inject venom deeply into victims. This helps them rapidly introduce their highly toxic venom into the bloodstream.
  6. They have fast-acting venom. Most cases involving a taipan bite report that symptoms of envenomation start manifesting in victims after just 30 to 45 minutes. Without antivenom treatment, this rapid onset leads to death in a short time.
  7. Taipans are agile and can strike extremely fast. They have been observed making multiple rapid strikes in quick succession. This allows them to deliver multiple dangerous bites before the victim can get away.
  8. Taipans usually have between 6 to 8 babies per brood. The female taipan is viviparous – it gives birth to live young instead of laying eggs. After incubation of around 3 months inside the mother’s body, a brood of 6 to 8 taipans is born.
  9. Baby taipans are highly dangerous right after birth. They are born with full control over their venom glands and fangs. Though small, their venom is just as potent as an adult’s.
  10. Taipans are excellent swimmers. They have laterally compressed bodies and tails allowing them to rapidly propel themselves through water. This is an ability few other snake species possess.
  11. They feed mostly on warm-blooded prey like birds and small mammals. Using their thermal sensing pits, taipans can expertly hunt endothermic prey like rats, birds, and bandicoots even during the night.
  12. Taipans usually avoid confrontation. Though lethally dangerous when threatened, taipans usually prefer to escape when confronted. Most bites occur when people accidentally step on or touch them.
  13. Antivenom was developed after a tragedy. It involved the bite and subsequent death of Australia’s renowned snake expert, Kevin Budden, highlighting the urgent need for an effective antivenom. This eventually led to the creation of life-saving taipan antivenom.

With incredible toxicity combined with lightning-fast bites, the taipan is one of the deadliest snakes on Earth. These mind-blowing facts show why it commands tremendous fear and respect across the regions it inhabits. Understanding the taipan’s lethal capabilities teaches us to admire these creatures safely from a distance.

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