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12 Astonishing Facts About Jade Cocktail

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The Jade Cocktail is a vibrant green elixir that captivates cocktail enthusiasts with its refreshing flavor, intriguing backstory, and stunning visual appeal. As an iconic libation that has inspired countless variations, the Jade Cocktail has plenty of fascinating facts behind its rich history and unique characteristics.

In this article, we will uncover 12 astonishing facts about the Jade Cocktail that make it such a beloved and timeless concoction. From the cocktail’s mysterious origins to its resurgence in modern mixology, read on to learn some incredible trivia that will give you a deeper appreciation for this classic drink.

1. The Jade Cocktail Likely Originated in Prohibition-Era Speakeasies

The early history of the Jade Cocktail is shrouded in mystery, but many experts believe it first emerged in the underground speakeasies of New York City during Prohibition in the 1920s .

As alcohol was banned in the U.S. from 1920-1933, secret bars known as “speakeasies” sprang up across cities to serve liquor under the table. To avoid detection, speakeasy bartenders created elaborate concoctions to mask the taste of low-quality bootlegged spirits. The Jade Cocktail likely originated as one of these inventive libations.

With its vibrant green color and refreshing flavor profile, the Jade Cocktail was probably created to disguise harsh bathtub gin while still being palatable. This would explain why early recipes for the drink featured gin as the base spirit.

2. Key Ingredients: Gin, Green Chartreuse, Lime Juice

The key ingredients that give the Jade Cocktail its signature green color and balanced flavor are:

  • Gin: The primary spirit that provides a crisp, botanical base
  • Green chartreuse: A French herbal liqueur that lends a vibrant green hue and subtle botanical flavor
  • Fresh lime juice: Adds tartness and acidity to balance the sweetness

These ingredients are carefully mixed together with ice in a shaker tin and then strained into a chilled glass to create the Jade Cocktail. The drink is visually stunning with its rich green color reminiscent of the precious stone it’s named after.

Facts About Jade Cocktail

3. The “Green Goddess” Was an Early Variation

After originating in speakeasies, the Jade Cocktail inspired many variations even in its early days. One early iteration was called the “Green Goddess” which featured gin, orange liqueur, and Pernod instead of green chartreuse.

The Green Goddess dates back to the 1930s and was likely created shortly after Prohibition ended. Over the years, bartenders have continued putting new spins on the Jade Cocktail by tweaking the ingredients and ratios.

4. Resurgence in the 2000s with New Ingredients

While the Jade Cocktail was a hit in the early 20th century, it faded from popularity for several decades. The drink experienced a major resurgence in the early 2000s  when modern bartenders revived it with new ingredients.

Contemporary versions incorporated recently introduced liqueurs like Midori melon liqueur, blue curaƧao, and elderflower liqueur. The new renditions opened the door for more creativity and customization while preserving the Jade Cocktail’s iconic green color.

5. Often Served in a Martini Glass

The Jade Cocktail is most commonly served in a chilled V-shaped martini glass. This elegant stemware helps maintain the drink’s crisp chilled temperature.

The conical shape of the martini glass also helps concentrate the Jade Cocktail’s aromas. Sipping this vibrant green elixir from a martini glass makes for a visually stunning and flavorful experience.

6. Has a Sweet-Tart Flavor Profile

In terms of taste, the Jade Cocktail strikes a perfect balance between sweet and tart flavors. The combination of gin, citrus, sugar/honey creates a sweet-tart flavor profile with hints of herbal botanicals.

The tart notes from fresh-squeezed lime prevent the Jade Cocktail from becoming overly saccharine. And the subtle sweetness makes it very smooth and approachable. This balanced flavor profile gives the drink wide appeal.

7. Often Garnished with a Lime Wheel or Wedge

To finish it off, many bartenders will garnish the Jade Cocktail with a lime wheel or wedge. The bright pop of citrus perfectly complements the drink’s green hue.

Squeezing the lime wedge to release aromatic citrus oils before taking a sip is also highly recommended. The lime oils help accentuate the gin botanicals and prevent the cocktail from tasting one-dimensionally sweet.

8. Has About 188 Calories Per Serving

Despite having a rich flavor, the Jade Cocktail is relatively low in calories at around 188 calories per serving. This makes it a great option for health-conscious cocktail enthusiasts.

The tart citrus juices and lack of added cream, egg whites, or pure sugars help keep the calorie-count reasonable. So you can enjoy this flavorful craft cocktail without overindulging.

9. Typically Contains About 1.7 Standard Drinks

Jade Cocktail

In terms of alcohol content, a standard Jade Cocktail contains approximately 1.7 standard drinks. This equates to around 23% alcohol by volume or 47 proof.

So while it’s refreshing and easy-drinking, the Jade Cocktail still packs quite a punch. The relatively high alcohol content means it’s a cocktail best enjoyed slowly rather than one to be pounded.

Beyond the United States, the Jade Cocktail also gained popularity across the pond in England during the 1920s jazz age. This fun fact was uncovered by Giuliano Morandin, the head bartender at the iconic Dorchester Hotel bar in London.

During his 40-year tenure as bartender at the luxury hotel, Morandin helped revive interest in vintage cocktails like the Jade. His rendition uses gin, Midori, blue curacao, honeydew melon, and champagne.

11. Has Inspired Tiki Bar Variations

The Jade Cocktail has also made its way onto tiki bar menus, with tropical twists like the “Jade Idol”. This version features Jamaican rum, honey syrup, citrus juices, orange curacao, green chartreuse, and creme de menthe.

Adding rum and honey syrup gives the Jade Cocktail a touch more sweetness and fruitiness for a quintessential tiki drink flavor profile. The green tint also evokes images of tropical jade idols.

12. Both Tart and Sweet Versions Exist

Lastly, it’s important to note there are distinctly tart and sweet variations of the Jade Cocktail. The options range from a gin or vodka base to fruity liqueurs and citrus.

This diversity keeps the Jade Cocktail relevant. Whether you prefer a tart, spirit-forward version or a sweeter, fruit-based one, there’s a Jade Cocktail for every palate to enjoy.


In conclusion, the history, ingredients, and flavor behind the Jade Cocktail reveal why it has remained an iconic drink for close to a century. Its stunning green color, balanced sweet-tart taste, and air of mystery give this cocktail an enduring, ageless quality.

From its birth in Prohibition-era speakeasies to its revival on modern menus, the Jade Cocktail continues to captivate each new generation of cocktail aficionados. And with so many possible variations, mixologists will likely be reinventing this vintage green elixir for decades to come.

So next time you see a Jade Cocktail on the menu, you can now appreciate its rich backstory before taking your first refreshing sip. Here’s to unraveling many more of its secrets!

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