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10 Extraordinary Facts About Bellini Cocktail

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The Bellini cocktail is a delicious sparkling wine cocktail that originated in Venice, Italy. This peachy drink is the perfect brunch or celebratory cocktail. Read on to learn some fascinating facts about the history and components of the classic Bellini.


The Bellini cocktail has a rich history spanning nearly 100 years. While you may know it as a popular sparkling peach drink, there are some intriguing stories behind its invention and evolution.

From its accidental origins to its many riffs and variations, the Bellini has secured its place in cocktail history books. The sweet peach juice and dry Prosecco blend beautifully for a drink that delights the senses.

Below are 10 extraordinary facts about the origins, ingredients, and variations of the iconic Bellini cocktail. After reading this, you’ll be eager to raise a glass of this fabulous fizzy drink!

Facts About the Bellini Cocktail

Facts About Bellini Cocktail

1. It was invented by accident in Venice

In the 1930s, Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, was inspired to create the Bellini cocktail. The story goes that he was experimenting with mixing Prosecco with white peach juice when a waiter brought him a glass of the juice. Cipriani enjoyed the natural sweetness of the peach with the crisp bubbles so much that he decided to name it after a 15th-century Venetian artist whose work had peach-colored hues – Giovanni Bellini.

2. Modern Bellini uses white peach puree

While the original Bellini recipe called for fresh white peach juice, most modern versions use white peach puree instead. The puree blends more smoothly with Prosecco and has a thicker, luscious texture. It also gives the drink its signature peachy color.

3. Only use Prosecco (not Champagne!)

Authentic Bellini cocktails should only be made with dry Italian Prosecco wine. Champagne or other sparkling wines don’t provide the right acidity and crispness to balance the sweet peach puree. So don’t swap bubbly wines or you’ll lose the true Bellini experience!

4. The glassware is just as vital

Bellinis deserve elegant glassware, typically served in a fluted champagne glass. The shape helps maintain the Prosecco’s effervescence. If you don’t have flutes, white wine glasses or coupes can also work. Just avoid serving Bellinis in narrow Champagne flutes as this concentrates the carbonation too much.

5. Some versions add a dash of liqueur

While the classic recipe calls for just Prosecco and peach puree, some mixologists add a splash of liqueur to put a unique spin on the Bellini. Popular additions include elderflower, rose, or peach liqueurs like St. Germain, Giffard Rose, and Mathilde Peche. The liqueurs accentuate certain flavors and aromas.

6. There’s a strawberry variation called Rossini

If you love strawberries, try a Rossini cocktail for a summery Bellini twist. Named after 19th century opera composer Gioachino Rossini, it consists of strawberry puree and Prosecco. Other fruit variations include tangerine, blackberry, mango, and raspberry – but peach remains the most popular.

7. Some recipes include a sugar cube

Here’s a unique way to sweeten your Bellini – add a sugar cube! Before adding Prosecco, place a sugar cube at the bottom of your glass and slowly pour peach puree over it to dissolve. This adds a rich, syrupy texture and makes for a stunning presentation. The sugar also brings out the fruitiness of the peach flavor.

8. It’s a year-round drink, but especially perfect for brunch

While Bellinis taste delicious all year long, they’re especially ideal brunch cocktails. The fresh fruit and bubbles make it light and refreshing, perfect for weekend mornings or special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, and graduations. It provides just the right amount of daytime refreshment.

9. Some bartenders use white peaches or nectarines

If fresh white peaches are out of season, some bartenders will use yellow peaches or nectarines. However, white peaches have a more delicate flavor that pairs best with Prosecco’s dryness. Yellow peaches and nectarines are much sweeter. So for an authentic flavor, opt for canned or jarred white peach puree.

10. Cipriani still serves the original Bellini in Venice

At the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice where the Bellini was born, Giuseppe Cipriani’s grandson, Arrigo Cipriani, still serves the original version. The bartenders use white peaches from the region that are hand-mashed daily. So for a truly authentic Bellini, you’ll have to go right to the source in Venice!


From its serendipitous origins to its celebrity sightings over the years, the Bellini cocktail has quite a backstory! Its refreshing blend of juicy peach puree and crisp Prosecco makes it the perfect drink for celebrations, brunches, or anytime you want a taste of Italy.

There’s still debate about the “right” way to make a Bellini. But no matter how you prefer it – with no liqueur, liqueur added, white or yellow peaches – its sweet and bubbly flavors create cocktail magic.

The next time you order or make a Bellini, you can share these fascinating stories about its history. And don’t forget to visit Harry’s Bar in Venice for an authentic Bellini straight from the source!

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